Update Summary

  1. NPro Power Tools v1.12 now available
  2. Imagemod CLE is the command line edition of our batch image processing bot
  3. Permcalc added in NPro 1.10 which computes the chmod code for unix file permissions
  4. Shutdown mod updated in NPro 1.9 now with multiple event triggers
  5. Fileshred now available is a multithreaded multipass disk file permanent erasure module
  6. Screencap of the textaid module in the upcoming v1.4 of NPro Power Tools
  7. Sigma receives a large overhaul with many data analyst functions introduced
  8. APA Packer v1.16 recent build now available

Engineering Activity

NSL22/09/202004:40:050xbdc4695bc0optimisation to console window rendering
NSL22/09/202002:01:430x72b654edf6working wrappable text for harriet dx console window
NSL17/09/202000:21:300x963aa762a0primitive harriet dx rendering engine
NSL11/09/202004:18:360x17e3de75c0_msc_ver safe function revisions, generic mouse driver for har...
NDX1101/09/202001:44:590xf7b7b73378ignore preferences
NSL24/08/202001:43:430xe8a93b090264-bit migration fixes for tokenisers
HYDRA24/08/202000:37:170xb24dcd4988object list scaling, rotation
NPRO21/08/202020:23:190x09ba753ee2v1.12 release candidate - notify sound, tray menu, passwd updates
NPRO19/08/202020:28:330xb070f19540clipman display fixes and imagemod cle addition
NPRO19/08/202004:10:060x33bd83ed52fixes for clipman display bug for duplicated substrings with o...
NPRO18/08/202017:05:150xd7a527d900new permcalc module; v1.10 release candidate
NPRO17/08/202021:03:470x48ca0c0b61added clipman to configuration preferences
NPRO17/08/202017:30:170xb064c19d3cadded line numbering algorithm in textaid
NPRO17/08/202003:40:170xc8df440374common length conversions added to units module
NPRO17/08/202002:29:010xf8f0e959fdprogress bar styling change; interface button disabling
NPRO17/08/202001:22:460x2d4e0079541.9 release candidate - imagemod work; new shutdown functions
NPRO16/08/202023:54:280x7302017ffc+ clear image list confirmation dialog
NPRO16/08/202023:47:570xdd4ec11705bug fix in main event polling handling memory management
NPRO16/08/202022:22:130x98fa91f66fsigma fix for range integer generation - negatives now accepte...
NPRO16/08/202021:34:270x66c16efb23extensive shutdown module work
NPRO14/08/202015:17:440x578002d89b+units icon
NPRO14/08/202015:17:190x8552abe928release candidate v1.8; clipman bug fix, new units module
NPRO14/08/202006:24:410x69eec58e82pixelgrab values now stored in config, limit: 500
NPRO13/08/202017:25:180xc5109499891.7 release candidate - new fileshred module
NPRO11/08/202007:44:050xd099f71125confirmation dialogs for prepend and append
NPRO11/08/202004:47:050x8a4b3b1c89html entities encoder/decoder support for textaid
NPRO11/08/202003:39:380xf8cc89b4b5added magnitude of textaid scripts
NPRO10/08/202020:51:300x9506d85591fix for duplicated string from old ip keys
NPRO10/08/202020:43:150x7c1c638fbdtextaid scripts: added host-to-ip and extract-anyip
NPRO10/08/202019:11:300xa5b8fee4adgeometry corrections for date input

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