1. Fileshred now available is a multithreaded multipass disk file permanent erasure module
  2. NPro Power Tools v1.8 released with new modules (fileshred, units), +fixes and more textaid scripts
  3. Screencap of the textaid module in the upcoming v1.4 of NPro Power Tools
  4. Sigma receives a large overhaul with many data analyst functions introduced
  5. APA Packer v1.16 recent build now available


NPRO13/08/202017:25:180xc5109499891.7 release candidate - new fileshred module
NPRO11/08/202007:44:050xd099f71125confirmation dialogs for prepend and append
NPRO11/08/202004:47:050x8a4b3b1c89html entities encoder/decoder support for textaid
NPRO11/08/202003:39:380xf8cc89b4b5added magnitude of textaid scripts
NPRO10/08/202020:51:300x9506d85591fix for duplicated string from old ip keys
NPRO10/08/202020:43:150x7c1c638fbdtextaid scripts: added host-to-ip and extract-anyip
NPRO10/08/202019:11:300xa5b8fee4adgeometry corrections for date input
NPRO10/08/202018:10:190x2eeeee0d4badded ipv6 extraction script into textaid
NPRO10/08/202006:37:390x0c81de2b1eadded textaid extract_ipv4 script
NPRO10/08/202004:34:470x3f8d23db60added notifications, statusbar icon n textual ack for shutdown...
NPRO10/08/202003:18:280xd569ff2506refactoring prior to build 6 release candidate
NPRO10/08/202001:44:100x0909cfe19athread support for uri base64 encoding; added shutdown module
NSL05/08/202001:27:430x74ed96bf19added hw signature, FromNslIcon in imageproc; msvc variant of ...
NPRO05/08/202001:26:070x8010c9e64cadded ico support to imagemod module
NPRO04/08/202000:24:460x44ebecfc2edata-uri module added for html, css friendly mime type format ...
NPRO02/08/202015:15:210x58228890afremoved obselete window from candidates list
NPRO02/08/202014:28:260x701fff656bnew canvases made in iconview will autoreset viewport when made
NPRO02/08/202014:21:210xc4cd8c5103textaid script preference is now stored in configuration
NPRO02/08/202013:27:560xc3a94ffc06added strip comments function into textaid
NPRO02/08/202011:01:140xe25b4a5b23added selection length property into textaid
NPRO01/08/202021:44:500x58c646d690recovery and folder rebuild routine implemented
NPRO01/08/202016:33:490x106a655d72center and align without resizing
NPRO01/08/202010:50:380x17da27f094safety check implemented into stopwatch module
NPRO01/08/202010:36:560x787db2f763window state reset upon system tray click
NPRO31/07/202017:16:000x00713f58e2changes to main window list control
NPRO31/07/202014:31:050xfba5368af6removed legacy snippets no longer required
NPRO31/07/202014:29:530xa71fd9cf8fremoved unwanted module candidate from npro candidates list
NPRO31/07/202014:28:000x44523c4477added center, resize and alignment function into view menu
NPRO31/07/202014:22:280xb67804aa9dremoved obselete methods in passgen
NPRO31/07/202013:35:560x557b3feda7added initial system tray options in npro

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