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Specification: NSL::APA


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APA Packer

APA (asset package archive) packer is an asset manager for all computational projects with distinct needs for media distribution. It can pack assets akin to a stack which omits having to distribute raw media files thus protecting intellectual property. It may be used in many scenarios. Its key objective is to ease the issue of managing assets in game development projects. With access to an API, one can easily access the raw binary to import and manipulate hundreds of assets seamlessly.

... APA Packer - Asset Management

With APA packer, you never need distribute multiple RAW assets with your projects. Omit installation overhead by adopting the APA file format. Simply pack, distribute and interface with the C++ API or maybe even develop one of your own using the file format disclosed herein.

Feature Set:
Latest Build: 1.12
Availability: Microsoft Windows

Windows (x86, x64)

Linux (x64)

GPL Source Code