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NSL Harriet Engine Console

This document was last updated: 2020.08.21

Console Access

The Harriet game engine has a hidden operational console. This can assist enthusiasts and active developers by spawning items and debugging existing application specific use cases. The specific key to access a console instance is via the TILDE key also known as a swung dash.

It has the ASCII code: 126. For Microsoft virtual key codes, this is the VK_OEM_3 key (0xBF). On US qwerty keyboards, its typically located to the top left of your keyboard's layout below the ESC key.

tilde key us keyboard

This key can be toggled to switch the visibility state of the console. Since the console is the last entity to be rendered in 2d space above the 3d scene, all inputs and key strokes will be directed to the console until its visibility has been set false.

Console Command List

clearclears the console window command history
dcountdisplays the number of video device cards
exitexits the parent application
fpsreports whether a fps counter is active
fps 1activates a fps counter if one does not exist
fps 0disables a fps counter if one exists
fps lowestdisplays the lowest observed fps metric
fps highestdisplays the highest observed fps metric
freereports the amount of device ram available
gcarddisplays the name of the graphics card
memoryreports the current ram metrics (total, free, used)
vcarddisplays the name of the graphics card
vsyncreports whether vsync is active
vsync 0disabled vsync if it is enabled
vsync 1enables vsync is it is disabled