NPro Power Tool - Iconmake

Iconmake faciliates the creation of native icons and fully supports the importation and exportation of ICO file formats. Iconmake can be used to make favicons, portable executable icons and more. Iconmake supports the creation of icons for sizes 16, 32, 48, 64, 96, 128 and 256. Iconmake has a cell magnifier feature which can be modified using the mouse wheel to assist the modification of individual cells. This makes it easy to manipulate individual pixels in the icon bitmap for pixel perfect design.

The control bar situated to the left of iconview has a cursor, rectangular selection, textual input, pencil, brush, eraser, bucket and gradient tool.

The pencil control is always 1x1 pixel in size, that is to paint pixels of a larger radius, the brush tool must be selected. The size of the brush or the eraser is determined by the slider that appears on the top toolbar whenever either of these control types are selected.

The bucket fill control type can be used to quickly and accurate fill a region of pixels which are equal to and connected to the origin pixel selected when the tool is initialised. The value of the fill is equal to that of the primary colour selected.

In this instance to the left, the primary colour is light red and the secondary colour is black. Historical colour values appear in the palette and they may be quickly recovered by clicking on each.

Which will in turn hot swap the historical colour back as the primary colour. Primary and secondary colours can be changed by clicking on each and selecting a new hue set from the dialog which appears.

When icons are saved into the ico file format. If the save is a fresh file then Iconmake if permitted will export multiple variants of the same icon which is typical in a ico file format. For example a 48x48 will be saved as a 48x48 and will be accompanied with a 32x32 and 16x16 variant to support ico readers which use distinct variants to support multiple resolutions.

The scaling option can be toggled via the configuration module within NPro Power Tools in addition to how the brush control type manipulates neighboring pixels.


New make new icon
Open open ico file and load largest icon variant
Open and Select open ico file and select icon variant
Save save modification of existing icon variant into origin file
Save As save icon into new ico file
Close close ico file
Import Bitmap import bitmap and resize to existing icon dimensions
Export Bitmap export icon and save into a non ico file format
Save All save all open icons
Close All close all open icons
Recent files open recently loaded icon
Exit exit iconmake


Undo restore existing image state backwards by one step
Redo restore existing image state forwards by one step
Find and Replace swap pixel values in existing image data
Deselect deselect any existing selection on the image canvas
Fill Selection fill all pixels in selection region with primary colour
Configure Font change the existing font used for text entry
Preview system shell execute the ico file
Reset Palette reset the left palette of colours to the initial defaults

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