NPro Power Tool - Sigma

Sigma is a summation utility with the ability to processed unformatted and contaminated datasets to quickly and effortlessly process numerical datasets. In the case of sigma meaning summation the process of performing summation on large numerical datasets is painless thanks to its ability to omit contaminated inputs and work with unformatted inputs.

Sigma as seen processing the first 1,000 prime numbers:

Sigma as seen omitting input contamination:

Sigma metrics include the decimal summation, truncated whole integer sum, entry count, arithmetic mean, minimum and maximum.

Once data has been inserted Sigma can facilitate formatting the resulting output where any contamination in the input is thereafter removed via the _Refactor_ option. In this instance the input:

10 0 5second(s) 6 9 6 2 8 .5 4

... is translated to become the form:

10, 0, 5, 6, 9, 6, 2, 8, 0.5, 4

The symbol used for delimiting numericals may be customised through the NPro Power Tools configuration.

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