NPro Power Tool - Uricron

Universal Resource Identifiers (URIs) may be used as pathways into remote execution and having the ability to poll or invoke remote operations is useful for mobile engineers to periodically check the diagnostics of web services or perform systematic operations to keep devop systems in sync.

The process can be configured to be autonomous and the batch operations can carry on seamlessly in the background once configured to keep invoking remote methods remotely.

Uri Cron Manager is a package which supports remote method invocation (RMI) and acts akin to a remote cron manager for all remote computational needs meeting objectives of information processing for vast organisations managing large data capacity requirements.

Five Operations

Uri Cron Manager supports six operation modes. These include polling, substring checking, string/numeric comparison and the numeric checks less than, greater than and not equal to.

For a mode other than a simple polling, the "Data Check" option must be checked and the comparison value can be given into the "Comparison Type" field as new cron jobs are added.

Type Identifiers

The following type identifiers exist from the interface and have the following distinct meanings:

INV simple uri poll with no data checking
SUB invoke uri and check its data response for a substring
EQ invoke uri and perform a comparison
LT invoke uri and test whether response is numerically less than the constant given
GT the inverse of LT, test if numerically greater than the constant given
NEQ the inverse of EQ, that is not equal to

For situations where a test must be performed to see if a response is less than OR equal to, we suggest you simply increase your constant by one to compensate since the context would none the less be equal.

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