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Ten Sums

Ten Sums is a hard puzzle emulator tasking you to make summations of ten using horizontal, vertical or diagonals combinations of positive and negative numbers. The green numerics are positive and the red are negative. It is up to yourself to arrange them into a fashion where a sum of ten is possible using either a horizontal, vertical or diagonal combination.

The only constraints which exist are the grid dimensions, thus a max horizontal sum can include ten blocks. Alternatively a vertical arrangement may include twenty blocks should an arrangement of positive and negative numerics exist which sum up to ten. The motion of blocks added drift slowly but over time this motion will increase in speed so make the most of the time given to you and good luck.

Draw Poker Jacks or Better, an easy to play 5-card draw poker simulator which is surprisely addictive. Bets must be made before each hand is dealt. Jokers should they appear act as wild cards and help you accumulate higher value poker hands. Rarely you will get the chance to use wild deuces in addition to jokers. Pay attention to betting because you will get opportunities to bet your entire bank roll. Be careful however because if your hand does not score, you will lose your entire bank roll and the game is over.


  1. Android Phone