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APA Packer

APA (asset package archive) packer is an asset manager for all computational projects with distinct needs for media distribution and delivery. It can pack assets akin to a stack which omits having to distribute raw media files thus protecting intellectual property. The packed assets thereafter may only be decoded by recipient(s) with a copy of an encryption key authored by the individual responsible for packing the asset archive.

Recipients without a copy of the cipher key cannot access the raw assets due to APA Packer's use of 2048-bit encryption. APA Packer's primary use case scenario is to ease the issue of managing assets in large scale game development projects. With access to APA Packer's API, a power user in receipt of a legitimate cipher key can seemlessly access the raw asset binaries and manipulate its data at runtime.

... APA Packer - Asset Management

With APA packer, you can pack assets and ship a cipher key to intended end users omitting need to distribute multiple RAW assets with your projects.

Feature Set:

  • Multifile Asset Management
  • Boundless Distinct File Types
  • GUI Archive Packer Utility
  • C++ API Interface
  • 2048-bit Encryption
  • File Format Whitepaper


  1. Microsoft Windows (x86, x64)
  2. Linux (x64)