Latest News

Sep 11
Shanghai Solitaire v1.22 is now available for download. Included is an additional tile set [1] denoted "classic blue" with a re-sampled 12 minute sound track. Work is underway on a Linux build which will be available through the Ubuntu Software Center in due course.


Steam Greenlight

Jul 27
Shanghai Solitaire is now up on greenlight so if you'd like to see it on Steam in the near future, please consider dropping us a thumbs up.


Shanghai Solitaire

Jul 17
Shanghai Solitaire is a small indie game development I've been working on and I'd be very interested in hearing early feedback. Whilst at present, I've created two similar albeit slightly distinct tile maps with more colourful variations presently in the works. Ideas and suggestions are highly welcome at this stage.

In addition to polishing the existing prototype which is the first software to tap into my new sub library which I've codenamed as Harriet. I'm assessing the feasibility of implementing a linux level daemon to process user submitted board solutions and yield an autonomous ranking system for the players interested.

Any implementation attempt of this goal will be entirely optional since I want the game to indeed function offline and not be reliant upon a SSL connection for this feature. Shanghai Solitaire will be a desktop computer game available initially for Windows with future builds offering a Linux variation for operating systems like Ubuntu and Mint.