Datum Locker

Datum Locker assists safe record keeping of account credentials and note taking which are deemed sensitive. It elegantly combines a password manager to protect your sensitive accounts in addition to securely storing small desktop notes. Its strength comes from the use of Nullox's linearistic distance cryptographic (LDC) algorithm to securely store your data on disk thereby presenting an intruder with random symbols due to the omittance of a valid key.

Datum Locker operates on a timer thus monitoring when the application becomes idle, such a time will result in the application locking and docking on to the system tray.

... Collection of Datums

Be safe from PC intruders and store your data on disk in an unreadable state with the Datum Locker.

Feature Set:
  • Auto dock next to system clock on lock down and pop-up via click
  • Backend data structure resides in memory encrypted resultant from user defined key
  • Configurable time-span interval for self locking mechanism and clipboard pruning
  • Copy credential fields into memory temporarily and jump to URLs for quick web logins
  • Folder filters to divide datum entries
  • Importing and exporting of datum collection functionality
  • Nullox's linearistic distance cryptographic algorithm (LDC)
  • Password generation for uppercase, lowercase, numeric and symbolic characters
  • Random and omitted character semantics for any intruder with a mismatched key
  • Sort datums by title and creation date/time
  • Support for unicode (other non-latin alphabets)
Latest Build: 0.1.13
License: Freeware
Availability: Microsoft Windows, Linux (Viewer)

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Datum Locker Last Build Changes

0.1.13 - 26th July 2011
- Fixed glitch with clipboard timer mechanic
- Fixed tab ordering for new note data entry input
- Made program align to the center on relaunch from a prior dock
- Updated information in about box dialog
- [Note] .Net Framework 3.5 to 4 transition

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