Epoch Timestamping Utility

A widget utility to retrieve the past, present and future unix timestamps relative to the timezone in use via the invoking systems' locale. Invaluable utility for manipulating timestamps on the fly and small enough thereby portable for transit on a USB dongle, developed using Java thus compatible on any operating system with access to a virtual machine.

... Windows 7 ... Linux Ubuntu
Feature Set:
  • Unix timestamp retrieval relative to system locale
  • Prior timestamping back to the epoch birth of 01/01/1970
  • Future date time stamping into the late 2030's
  • Obtainable date and time from existing unix timestamps
  • Configurable time/date format from retrieval of existing unix times
  • Completely date safe, validation of dates with leap year formulae
Latest Build: 0.1.3
License: Freeware
Availability: Many



0.1.3 - 30th May 2010
- Added support for successive years to come, timestamping available for future dates
- Added feature thereby able to now retrieve dates from existing unix timestamps
- Interface redesigned and implemented tabular control to switch between panels
- Fixed control/font-size issue resulting from local system defaulting to ugly font-face (non-windows users)
- Set the GUI to initialise (100, 100) pixels into the primary display as opposed to gambling with center screen on dual monitors

0.1.2b - 29th May 2010
- Switched development to Java for cross platform variant
- Added support formula for leap years thereby Feb incurring 29 days for such circumstantial years
- Fixed date combo box from possessing incorrect number of days amongst switching between months
- Replaced exit button with reset functionality for the calendar controls
- Implemented cascading control indice support for combo box item bounds for auto tick-over

- Win32 variant