Epoch Timestamp Utility

Epoch Timestamping Utility is a mobile utility to view and manipulate unix time easily. Its intended use case is for for web developers, system database administrators, software engineers and systems support technicians to easily retrieve past, present and future unix time relative to both Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) and the Android timezone in place via local shift.

Obtain unix time and date stamps easily on the move back and forth. Reference and copy resultant fields into memory for easy pasting or into new emails prior to dispatch.

Feature Set

Epoch Time-stamp Utility for Android smart phones, thoroughly tested and guaranteed accuracy as with all Nullox software.


  1. Android Phone

Side Note

Please be aware that from an engineering standpoint, the distinct difference between UTC and timezones is that, UTC is a time standard and NOT a timezone. That is, its recognised as an international time standard which has zero regards for timezones. The same value for a real unix time is universal and never regional. The same unix time value when mapped to a local timezone will result in distinct time/date setting but when not mapped, it is ALWAYS equal to its origin time metric standard.

Timezones are used to solve a human need for convenience, lightness during the day where as UTC is merely a metric measurement from the epoch birth of 01/01/1970. And this metric uses seconds to differentiate from one epoch to the next.

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