NPro Power Tools

NPro Power Tools is a unique suite of powerful modules to empower organizations working in technical and creative industries. It is a collection of power user utilities and specialised software for ICT operators requiring additional operational functions to improve their existing standard operating procedures.

Module List

Calc is a programmer friendly calculator with support for converting decimals into readable digestable hexadecimal and binary formats. It includes expected algorithm design functions such as square roots, cubic roots and factorials in addition to common scientific calculator functions.
Clipman is an audit clipboard which can record and store all use of the system clipboard whilst sitting in the system tray. It can capture textual expressions and comes with a self cleaning bitmap cache. A powerful search exists where all session based histories can be recovered and system tray functions exist to toggle multiple clipboard entries.
Datauri is a base64 encoder for all bitmap types which can be exported into web documents as base64 strings instead of raw uri form to minimise actual HTTP server resource requests.
Datediff facilitates the calculation and verification of the discrete numeric difference between two opposing dates. It supports manual entry and also convertible entry via unix time.
Filehash is a robust and fast digest generator for all file types which yields checksums for one way hash algorithms: md5, md4, sha1, sha224, sha256, sha384, sha512, sha3_224, sha3_256, sha3_384, sha3_512.
Fileshred is a multithreaded multipass disk file erasure module which securely overwrites disk data assisting operators complying with the increasing general data protection regulation (GDPR) requirements placed upon ICT organizations.
Hexedit is a fast and lightweight binary file hexadecimal editor with modification highlighting, find and replace, offset jumping, selection filling and deletion in addition to common code wrappings for language specific byte arrays.
Iconmake is a pixel editor with full support for the native ico file format. It can make new and/or modify existing ico files with pixel precision thanks to its zooming function which magnifies existing pixel regions.
Imagemod is a highly desired batch image processing bot which can autonomously perform a magnitude of image manipulation functions on bitmap inputs and export them to disk for review and use.
Listwiz is a list manipulation bot utility which can work on large lists to manipulate their textual expressions. It can find/replace, remove, merge, concatenate, prepend and append in addition to shedding duplicates.
Passwd is a password generator for administrators to make short or long passwords effortlessly. They may or may not include capitals, lower case letters, numerics and/or symbolics. It includes an exclusion field and a variable length for outputs. These can thereafter be saved in clear text or converted to hash form.
Pixelgrab yields rgb desktop values through its capturing function. It uses a short thread to study the region of interest to render a distinct subset where all distinct neighborhood colours can be sampled upon. The power user is then free to choose which shade preferred of the colours captured.
Shutdown is a module to schedule time specific shutdown operations on the underlaying operating system. Simply set a future date/time and the computer will perform a shutdown at the requested time unattended.
Sigma is a powerful data analysis module which can support mathematical modifications to thousands of numeric symbols in real time. It equips the power user to manipulate massive datasets with ease and its input can work and refactor contaminated datasets saving untold hours of formatting data prior to its processing.
Stopwatch is a 16 millisecond resolution stopwatch for measuring lab tests and user definable benchmarks. Multiple measurements may be captured and documented into a list format which can thereafter be exported to file.
Textaid is a textual manipulation module with a growing number of transform functions to manipulate existing textual expressions. It can produce digests for hash checking, manipulate line breaks in large textual expressions and remove the hours of manual editing that would otherwise persist.
Units converts numeric inputs to alternative unit forms. Byte counts can be converted into bit and higher byte forms (kilobits, kilobytes, ... gigabits ...) supporting both 1024, 1000 SI unit norms.
Unixtime is a module to obtain and manipulate unix time stamps. It can batch convert stamps into regional date and times in addition to making new existing and future unix times.
Uricron is a web bot to automate and process remote method invocation requests. It is the web variant for remote cron job planning, execution and includes six functional mode types.

Product Key(s)

A single user license costs US$30.00 and a unique product key will be dispatched by email moments after the order has been processed. This key will thereafter facilitate activation of NPro Power Tools and remove its demo restrictions.


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  1. (Desktop) Microsoft Windows (x64)



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